Lonely Eira

Game 3

Keith brings Carina back to the church where everyone else is. Everyone hears a scream coming from outside. Gump and Nikolai go and check it out and they come across a house. Papa John hangs dead from a balcony on a house. They meet Diego Garcia, a boy that lives in the house and is also Carina’s boyfriend. Gump, Nikolai, and Diego Garcia go up and take Papa John off the balcony. Gump got his sweater and concluded that it was the invisible people that killed him. Gump and Nikolai go back to the church and at the door Nikolai made a perfect Papa John voice behind the door. Carina was ecstatic to think her father was okay but it was Nikolai making the voice and the dad was dead in his hands. Some drama happened with Diego Garcia and Carina and she was depressed because he was cheating on her with Gandyl AND her dad died. However, she survives the night. The merry band (Keith, Gump, and Nikolai) went to the guards telling them about the Cult of Biblos and that it’s them making all the problems. The guard tells them about a spooky abandoned mansion 15 minutes from town thinking that the Cult is based there. They enter the mansion-


j_dowell19 anthoculp

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