Lonely Eira

Game 2

The merry band are walking through a snow storm in the woods after losing the invisible man. They see the silhouette of a man on a horse in the snow. Turns out that it was a guard of a nearby town with the task of fetching people caught in the blizzard. He then brings the merry band to a nearby town and the merry band buys some supplies there. The name of the village is Costead. A guard comes up to the merry band asking for help saying that young girls in Costead are getting kidnapped mysteriously. The merry band decide to guard the two girls left in Costead. They split up with Keith watching a girl named Carina that lives with her dad. Gump and Nikolai go to watch a girl named Gandyl who is at a church. Keith and Carina were in Carina’s house. There was a knock coming from the front door Papa John (Carina’s father) felt compelled to check it out. He opened it and all the lights went out and he was gone. The Gandyl happened to be an advent reader and through reading books in the church Gump and Nikolai find out the the invisible people are part of a Cult of Biblos. Upon saying Biblos’s name the cult comes and takes the girl away from the church in a windy, messy manner.


j_dowell19 anthoculp

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