Lonely Eira

Game 1

Keith was sitting at the bar and he meets a halfling person that gives him a letter and then abruptly leaves. Meanwhile, Gump gets on the stage of the tavern and sing a diddy about our last campaign and how everyone died of suffocation and it went not that greatly. After that Gump met Nikolai who was also sitting at the bar and stared making small talk. Keith follows a fellow named Izrah out to the snow because he was following an ‘invisible man’ (that we now know is a Cult of Biblos guy). The fellow gets really beat up by the invisible man. Keith then runs back to the bar and finds the two biggest bois there (which happened to be Nikolai and Gump) to help bring the beat up fellow to safety. They succeed and then try to go after the invisible man in the snow storm.


j_dowell19 anthoculp

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