World of Eira

Eira is a lonely planet with two suns and two moons. It’s covered in small continents all relatively the same size. Most of them are uninhabited, but there are a few that are completely inhabited and a few more that are partially inhabited by Imperialistic resource farmers. The planet is generally cold and wet, but there are myths about a desert-like continent. Magic is fairly normal in this world. Wars are not common due to people being so undeveloped and the abundance of resources. Everyone human, elf, and dwarf are fairly united under the same ideal of exploration and conquering. Races like Tieflings and Dragonborns are incredibly rare and most people have never seen one. All of the wildlife is extremely resilient and used to the cold except for the middle continents. Religion is very common, usually based on the moons and suns. There are no close planets in the solar system, and the lonely planet of Eira has barely revealed its oddities to the players.

Lonely Eira

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