Lonely Eira

Game 4

p.The merry band enters the mansion to a room with a bookshelf with a copy of The Hunger Games that seems untouched but has a bookmark in the middle of it so it looks like someone has been reading it (see article on The Hunger Games and its place in the culture of Lonely Eira).
They find a note that has been recently written on the table. Celton.png

The note says that Johanes came to this same mansion to interview a former cult member named Marcus. The merry band tricked a ghost and got around their trap, escaped form a mimic, fought a chair, fought some tree babs. They got to the second floor of the mansion and fought a couple more tree babs. They followed a blood stain on the floor until Nikolai poked his head into a hole in the floor into a room with Marcus possessing and killing Johanes. Nikolai threw a huge lucky critical firebolt at Marcus taking his health down very low. Marcus then brought Nikolai to 2 health but before anyone could do anything a second Nikolai fireboIt kills Marcus. Gump and Keith kill his two tree bab henchmen.

After the battle Gump cast cure wounds on Johanes and brought him back to stable condition. After that they decided to bring Johanes to town for him to heal up but before they do that they find a room with three magical books. Gump’s book just had one page that said Eliniua seligis rinzil and it have him the power to phase through walls for one minute everyday. Nikolai’s book gave him the power to open simple locks with his hand. Keith’s book gave him the power to create giant beanstalks with magic beans. it is basically an instant bean stalk ladder.

Game 3
Keith brings Carina back to the church where everyone else is. Everyone hears a scream coming from outside. Gump and Nikolai go and check it out and they come across a house. Papa John hangs dead from a balcony on a house. They meet Diego Garcia, a boy that lives in the house and is also Carina’s boyfriend. Gump, Nikolai, and Diego Garcia go up and take Papa John off the balcony. Gump got his sweater and concluded that it was the invisible people that killed him. Gump and Nikolai go back to the church and at the door Nikolai made a perfect Papa John voice behind the door. Carina was ecstatic to think her father was okay but it was Nikolai making the voice and the dad was dead in his hands. Some drama happened with Diego Garcia and Carina and she was depressed because he was cheating on her with Gandyl AND her dad died. However, she survives the night. The merry band (Keith, Gump, and Nikolai) went to the guards telling them about the Cult of Biblos and that it’s them making all the problems. The guard tells them about a spooky abandoned mansion 15 minutes from town thinking that the Cult is based there. They enter the mansion-
Game 2
The merry band are walking through a snow storm in the woods after losing the invisible man. They see the silhouette of a man on a horse in the snow. Turns out that it was a guard of a nearby town with the task of fetching people caught in the blizzard. He then brings the merry band to a nearby town and the merry band buys some supplies there. The name of the village is Costead. A guard comes up to the merry band asking for help saying that young girls in Costead are getting kidnapped mysteriously. The merry band decide to guard the two girls left in Costead. They split up with Keith watching a girl named Carina that lives with her dad. Gump and Nikolai go to watch a girl named Gandyl who is at a church. Keith and Carina were in Carina’s house. There was a knock coming from the front door Papa John (Carina’s father) felt compelled to check it out. He opened it and all the lights went out and he was gone. The Gandyl happened to be an advent reader and through reading books in the church Gump and Nikolai find out the the invisible people are part of a Cult of Biblos. Upon saying Biblos’s name the cult comes and takes the girl away from the church in a windy, messy manner.
Game 1
Keith was sitting at the bar and he meets a halfling person that gives him a letter and then abruptly leaves. Meanwhile, Gump gets on the stage of the tavern and sing a diddy about our last campaign and how everyone died of suffocation and it went not that greatly. After that Gump met Nikolai who was also sitting at the bar and stared making small talk. Keith follows a fellow named Izrah out to the snow because he was following an ‘invisible man’ (that we now know is a Cult of Biblos guy). The fellow gets really beat up by the invisible man. Keith then runs back to the bar and finds the two biggest bois there (which happened to be Nikolai and Gump) to help bring the beat up fellow to safety. They succeed and then try to go after the invisible man in the snow storm.
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